Unconstructed Roman Shades

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Do you think that Roman shades need to be very formal and sophisticated? That’s not the case at all. In fact, unconstructed Roman shades can tell their own story and provide you with the exactly what you want in terms of design in your living space. Roman shades do have a level of beauty to them, but it takes the right fabrics to make them work.

Coral pink Relaxed Roman Shades

Coral pink Relaxed Roman Shades featured in Decor Pad

In this picture, you can clearly see the beauty that unconstructed Roman shades can offer. There’s no need for the formal lines of these drapery options in a bedroom. For example, the room is made softer by the folds and less straight shades. The slight dip in them offers just enough appeal to soften the entire room. At the same time, the colors are soft and blend well with the nursery feel. Sometimes, letting them hang like this creates a more interesting look than you thought was possible.

White Linen Roman Shade

White Linen Roman Shade featured in Decor Pad

Don’t mistake unconstructed Roman shades for something that’s too loose or informal. In fact, you can create them to have just the right level of ambiance for the space. In this picture, for example, you can see the softer dip in the middle (because there are no hard lines and bars holding the middle section in place) but there is still the atmosphere of formality because of the added pinpoints on the edges and the clean, white lines. They fit beautifully into this space because of the coloring and lines offered.

Brett Design Roman Shades in Kips Bay Showhouse 2010

Brett Design Roman Shades in Kips Bay Showhouse 2010 featured in Elle Decor

Sometimes unconstructed Roman shades are the perfect fit for the space. If your space is screaming for a simple way to cover the windows, perhaps because there is so much more going on in it, consider something like the picture below. Without the lines, it stands out against this lavish wallpapering. It looks great because it is less formal and far more simplistic in this type of space.

By taking out the lines and creating a more unique shape, unconstructed Roman shades work in living rooms, bedrooms and even in the informal office space. They look great and of course work well but they do not have that structured look that you simply do not need.

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