Striped Roman Shades

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Striped Roman shades create a beautiful option for any room of the home. Used in a bedroom or living space, they can create a significant visual impact within just a few minutes. They can be one of the best options to transform an otherwise boring room into something that’s fabulous.

Striped Roman Shades using Osborne & Little's Eugenia silk designed by Stephen Shubel

Striped Roman Shades using Osborne & Little’s Eugenia silk designed by Stephen Shubel featured in House Beautiful

Designed for visual impact, these striped Roman shades for the living room can help the space to really pop. They create interest in the windows and help to add dimension to otherwise boring white walls. The clean lines keep the modern feel present here while still softening the tone of the room significantly.

Florida Prairie fabric striped roman shades

Florida Prairie fabric striped roman shades featured in Traditional Home

Stripes can be soft and welcoming or more studios. They help to contribute to the clean lines of any room. In this example, the striped Roman shades add a layer of interest to the space. The lines help to hold the straight lines of the windows while working in contract with the lines of the corners, ceiling and even the couch and rug. It’s a stellar statement and a great way to define the room without a large investment.

White Grey Striped Roman Shades

White Grey Striped Roman Shades featured in Decor Pad

Sometimes, you want the drapes to be less of a focal point and more of an additional element of design to the space that’s more subtle than other design options. In this example, the Roman shades for the seating area are easier on the eye and softer in their coloring. The lines are straight, but the Roman folding of the drapes softens them. Here, they work well as a compliment to the room rather than taking away from the other items. They blend well with the color scheme and soften the tone of the space.

Striped Roman shades may be exactly what you need in your space. Choose specific options for Roman shades for kids rooms. Choose from an assortment of colors and styles. Have them custom made for the perfect fit. Then, allow them to work in with your current design to help to add some level of visual interest to the space. You would be surprised by just how easily a few simple lines can transform an entire room into a beautifully designed escape.

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