Print Fabric Roman Shades

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Print fabric Roman shades offer a lot of color and character to any space they are added to. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make a statement with them. The right shades, custom or not, can create the level of luxury and beauty you want to have in any room of the home. Roman shades are often stylish in any form, but this is one way to get even more excitement from them.

Orange and White Print Roman Shades designed by Christopher Peacock

Orange and White Print Roman Shades by Christopher Peacock featured in Traditional Home

Patterns are an important part of any window covering. When it comes to print fabric Roman shades, these bright orange colored models are ideal when you need lots of color. If the walls are white and the furniture in a space is dull, a pop of color like this can really make all of the difference in the space.

Modern Lime Green Print Roman Shades

Modern Lime Green Print Roman Shades featured in Traditional Home

On the other hand, some print fabric Roman shades can add a dynamic feel to the space. In this example, they are adding a lot of geometric composition to the room. The shape plays off the unique shape of the ceiling and the curved window. They add color, but the pattern is more about the geometric styling than anything else.

Yellow and black print Roman Shades in a boy's room

Yellow and black print Roman Shades in a boy’s room featured in Decor Pad

Blending in well with the surrounding space is another way to use printed fabric Roman shades. In this example, the yellow pattern is mimicked in the pillows. It looks great in this brightly colored space and really sets the tone for the window. Even a dreary day looks full of life in this type of setting. The pattern can set the tone and range from very formal to very laid back.

Roman Shades using Ravenna Indigo by Christopher Cloth

Roman Shades using Ravenna Indigo by Christopher Cloth featured in Traditional Home

Yet another example of print fabric Roman shades is this piece. It definitely offers some character to an otherwise boring space. The colors match well, but are less vibrant than other designs. However, the print pattern itself helps to create the modern feel of the space. It works because of the coloring and pop of interest it offers on this wall.

As you can see, the use of print Roman shades makes sense in many settings. Don’t shy away from finding a fabric option that really speaks to you or to the design of the room. Check out Duralee Fabrics for some great inspiration. You want to use it for the color, geometric qualities, and the simple or luxurious feel they offer. It can transform the space.

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